Monday, November 2, 2009


For a change of pace, I'd like to pick your beady brains!

I know that someone out there knows this stitch! I made this rope years ago, learning the stitch from an online tutorial. From there, "mature memory" sets in! I can't remember the name of it, nor can I figure out exactly how I did it.

The copper beads are the only "solid" woven part. I do remember that I worked an inch at a time, slowly increasing the loose blue and green beads in number until I got to the center - and then I decreased back down the other side. The spiral began to show after a few inches.
It looks like a variation on peyote to me...but having made a number of little bead and thread messes, I still can't get it.

I'm dying to make something using this. Can anyone identify it? And point me to some instruction?